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SFJ 768 Rapier Loom - 3300mm - Weaving Loom

SFJ 768 Rapier Loom - 3300mm

SFJ 768 is the basic of SFJ 768D. SFJ 768-180 is created to mass produce gray fabrics in economical price. This machine has a same weave quality with SFJ 768D. However, the difference between SFJ 768 and SFJ 768D is SFJ 768 does not use dobby; therefore it is the right choice to produce gray fabrics.

This machine is able to produce fabrics ranging from fabrics with low construction of 68 x 64 until fabrics with high construction 120 x 90 with soft yarns. With all the choice to choose good yarns, this machine is able to reach high efficiency above 90%.


Reed width 3300 mm
Opening units Cam shedding
Crank speed 140 rpm
Electrical control Programmable logic control, two direction operation
Number of shedding units up to 4
Weft yarn selection mixed weft up to 2 colours
Disc Diameter of beam 600 mm
Braking system Electromagnetic brake
Diameter of roller full winding 300 mm, 400 mm
Motor speed 720 - 960 rpm
Motor power 1.5 KW
Operation mode push button operation
Dimension, w x d x h 5106 x 1727 x 1640 mm
Weight 2.600 Kg
Driving mode single motor with triangle belt driving
Column number of dropper bars 5000
Diameter of rapier driving wheel 400 mm
Range of weft density 10 - 40 pc/cm
Diameter of emery beam 127 mm
Diameter of fabric guide roller 32 mm
Diameter of fabric wind roller 95 mm

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