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LC1325D - Wide Laser Cutting


The LC 1325 laser cutting machine is built using technologies from LC1225 and enhanced with hybrid drive that will increase precision to a new unprecedented level previously only available on European machine. More, as standard the LC1325 is also equipped with long life laser tube 80w long life. This laser cutting machine is designed to cut large premium material such as full sized acrylic, leather for sofa and car seat and other materials that needs high accuracy and high utilisation efficiency that will bring the production cost down, therefore bringing more profit to the user.

In addition the laser cutting machine LC1325 is equipped with persistent memory system that allows the machine to save the working state in case of blackout and then seamlessly continue working when the power is restored. This made the LC1325 laser cutting machine trusted and used by high technology company that manufactures LCD TV and bullet proof vest.

Usable materials are wood, acrylic, leather, synthetic leather, fabrics, rubber and many other non metal material.

A pair of protective glass EP-4 are included in a purchase of LC1325.

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Autofocus Yes
Longlife Tube Yes
Vacuum Working Platform Yes
Lens American II-VI
Burnfree Optional
Motorised Working Platform NA
Rotary NA
Platform Choice Honeycomb, Blade, Flat


Type of laser CO2 Longlife Laser Tube
Laser output 80w
Maximum output 95+w
Working area 1300x2500 mm
Cutting speed 0-24,000 mm/min
Cutting precision 0,1 mm
Working voltage AC 110-220 V 10 % 50-60 Hz
Power requirements <1,500 W
Working temperature 0-45° C
Working humidity 5-95%
Font size English 1x1 mm
Storage format BMP, PLT, DST, DST and Al
Control system Stepper
Cooling system Water cooling
Exhaust system Exhaust-fans and air exhaust pipe
Managing system DSP system control
Compatible software Corel Draw, Auto CAD and Adobe Illustrator
Machine size 1600x3000x990 mm
Machine weight 900 KG
Certification CE, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 12100:2010

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