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Affordable Plasma PM45 - Plasma Cutting

Affordable Plasma PM45

Plasma cutting machines is a system of that consists of a plasma generator and computer controlled movement. As the name implies, the machine employs super-heated stream of plasma at 22.000oC - that is hotter than the temperature of the Sun’s photosphere - to cut material.

The stream of plasma is capable of vaporising almost any known material on contact; therefore a computerised cutting control is imperative to achieve optimal cutting result. The cutting quality of a plasma cutting machine is highly dependent to the quality of plasma generator and we are using only USA Hypertherm brand for the plasma generator. The affordable plasma cutting machine presented on this page uses Powermax 45 plasma generator.

The Powermax 45 plasma generator only requires 8KW of power, and the complete system would require about 10KW of power at 220VAC and that power envelope is highly practical and suitable to the condition in Indonesia. Even simpler, this machine also work with air shield therefore lowering the operational cost further.

Plasma Specification

Brand/Type Hypertherm Powermax 45
Material Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Power Supply Inverter
Gas Supply Air or Nitrogen
Ampere 45A


Speed Mild Steel Stainless Aluminium
Thickness (mm) (mm/min) (mm/min) (mm/min)
3 4445 3810 7112
6 1905 1397 2540
10 1016 813 1067
12 635 457 635
19 254 229 254
25 127    

Affordable Plasma Contact
Hi-Definition Plasma

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