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WK6090 - CNC Router


Our machine WK - 6090 CNC Router is a special router that is equipped with DSP system (Digital Signal Processing) that makes this machine possible to be operated automatically using computer.

Manually operation of this machine is also possible to be conducted. In addition, this machine is supported with a wide screen monitor that has been developed on the ergonomic design of human. This machine is made using Germany technology that has a high accuracy and quality. More than that, the quality of its materials, machine's skeleton, table and also its spare parts is high that makes the machine is more durable, long lasting, and have a maximum accuracy.

This machine is very suitable for industries like wooding, wood engraving, furniture.

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Working area (X x Y) 900x600 mm
Depth working area (Z) 100 mm
Maximum speed 4,000 mm/min
Maximum working speed 3,000 mm/min
Smoothness level 0,02 mm
Accuracy level 0,05 mm
Material thickness 110 mm
Spindle power 1.500 w
Maximum spindle speed 24.000 rpm
Cooling system watercooling
Storage format G code, u00, mmg, PLT
Internal memory 32 MB
Data transfer media USB
Working voltage AC 220 V 10 % 50-60 Hz
Power requirements <2,000 W
Working temperature 0-45° C
Working humidity 30-75%
Font size English 1x1 mm
Control system Stepper
Compatible software Type 3 software, Wentai, Arcam
Table size 720x1150 mm
Machine weight 220 KG


Aluminium composite using WK1325 at high speed.

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Aluminium composite using WK1325 at high speed.

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