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Ruko Glaze 2 Blok D no 32
Gading Serpong
Tangerang, Banten
Indonesia 15480
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Golden Sun Indonesia, pt
trusted company in providing Laser Cutting machines and CNC Routers.
LC1390, LC 1325M, and LG6040 are our best seller.
Service and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Company background is trading laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, CNC router, and weaving loom and also maintaining laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, CNC router and weaving loom. 

You might not know that we are part of your daily life.  As with our machines are installed in the whole country, spanning from Aceh to Manado, and widely used by various industry ranging from small family owned business to laboratories,  universities and large enterprises.  You might not realise that your shoes, children wears, clothing, leather bags, sun glasses, LCD and LED television, wall clock, wedding invitation card, trophy, car’s interior and engine parts, truck and trailer, aeroplane, building signage, bank, restaurant and shopping centre are made with a touch of our machinery. is part of your life, and with machinery we built the world.


Founded as PT Golden Sun Indonesia by the end 2007 in Magelang.  In the year of 2009 we opened a representative in Tangerang and by 2012 as a part of marketing strategy we changed how we call ourself to

In the year 2013, we moved our Tangerang representative to a new office located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang.


Adaptation to competition and innovating to response is the key of long lasting business success. has diverse range of product portfoilo tailored to match every need of our customer.  Plus we innovate for our products to stay ahead of our comptetior, educating our human resource to give the best service, and keeping the best value for money for our product.


Our main mission is to reach success with our customer.  We define success as being able to reach our set of goals, and we are determined to help our customer to reach success as we are determined to reach ours.

Solution centric: we starve to give solution to problem our customer is facing

Profitability: maximising profit for company and customer

Quality of Service: giving the customer peace of mind through our experienced technician and spare part availability



Download centre for downloading software and drivers for laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and laser marking machine.


Equipping Long life laser tube as standard equipments in laser cutting machine


Equipping high quality American lens and autofocus system as standard on laser cutting machine


Developing anti charring system for laser cutting machine

Earned ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for weaving loom

Earned ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for laser machine


Equipping laser cutting machine with persistent memory system that will save the machine's working state in case of blackout.  The machine will then continue working when the power is restored, therefore saving the material.


Smart power supply system to help the diagnosing problem with laser tube.

Persistent memory for CNC router with independent handheld controller.


Starting software and application division.

S-type laser tube for even better cutting stability and even longer lasting laser tube.

Secure website, yes comes in https protocol and will use https as default. 


In line with the company's 2015 vision, was launched as a dedicated laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking site.  At the moment was only available in Bahasa.

Investment in Australian made system to help with machine's booking service.

Legal Information

SK Menteri Kehakiman: C-06507 HT.01.01-TH.2007
SIUP: 510.41/02/370/PM/VIII/08
TDP: 111015100253

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