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LC 1390 - CO2 Laser Cutting

LC 1390

Reimagined and redesigned, the new model year 2016 LC1390 laser cutting machine sports modern space saving design. The new LC1390 uses brand new Y axis centre transmission system which offers better ray path stability over its predecessor, thus increasing reliability.

As an upgrade to the already good LC1290, the new LC1390 also incorporates the state of the art S2 long life laser tubes with intelligent power supply as standard, up-down working platform with auto focusing system and persistent memory. That means the machine can resume working from the last position after power outage, therefore saving what is otherwise wasted material.

In addition, we also incorporate ergonomics upgrades such as 4 ways material feed ports easily accessible USB ports and light switch.

The technology inside the new LC1390 made the LC1390 a very capable machine to cut and engrave many kinds of materials for all non-metal cutting industries. The machine will deliver professional quality products at with low operating expenses, makes this machine very suitable to do mass production in many kinds industries where perfection is a must.

Applicable materials are wood, glass, plastic, fabrics, paper, leather, and almost all non-metal materials. Download Brochure here.


Autofocus Yes
Longlife Tube Yes
Motorised Working Platform Yes
Lens American II-VI
Vacuum Working Platform Free Option
Burnfree Optional
Rotary Optional
Platform Choice Honeycomb, Blade, Flat


Type of laser CO2Longlife Laser Tube
Laser output 80w
Maximum output 95+ w
Working area 1200x900 mm
Cutting speed 0-24,000 mm/min
Cutting precision 0,1 mm
Working voltage AC 110-220 V 10 % 50-60 Hz
Power requirements <1,500 W
Working temperature 0-45° C
Working humidity 5-95%
Font size English 1x1 mm
Storage format BMP, PLT, DST, DST and Al
Control system Stepper
Cooling system Water cooling
Exhaust system Exhaust-fans and air exhaust pipe
Managing system DSP system control
Compatible software Corel Draw, Auto CAD and Adobe Illustrator
Machine size 1720x1210x1070 mm
Machine weight 280 KG


Cutting 20mm acrylicOur low burnmark technology (left) proven to remove burning on recycled paper.Persistent memory system will save the last working state of the machine on blackout, and then the machine will resume working once the power is restored resulting in seamless working result.Highly detailed butterfly cutting Medium detailed non woven fabrics laser cutting employing LC6090.

LC1325 cutting 20mm acrylic

Cutting 20mm acrylic

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