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RECI P12 Power Supply 80w - Laser Consumables

RECI P12 Power Supply 80w

Introducing the P12 intelligent power supply, the standard power supply for LC class laser cutting machines.


  1. Flexible input voltage of 90v-250v: enables stable output current over instable input current
  2. Open circuit protection will help to stop electrical sparks from the positive cable
  3. Short circuit protection will stop the power supply in case of short circuit
  4. Input signal detection will made show signal from machine’s control board
  5. Water flow detection for protecting the laser tube in case water flow is interrupted
  6. Laser tube status monitor will monitor the status and condition of the laser tube attached
  7. Ambient temperature and humidity measurement
  8. Malfunction analysis to help analyse the problem
  9. All of those information is displayed on a large 3.2 inch LCD display in multiple language including Chinese, English, Dutch and Korean.


Item Technical Parameter
Input Voltage 90 - 250VAC
Input Frequency 47 - 110Hz
Max Output Current 32mA±1
Efficiency ≥ 89%
Operating Condition -20oC - 40oC,  RH 10%-85% non condensing
Control Interface DB9 and 2EDG-5.08
Dimension (l x w x h) 364 x 215 x 95 mm
Cooling Convection
Compatible Tube RECI V2, W2, Z2
Compatible Board MPC03, MPC6515, MPC6525, MPC6535, MPC6565

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