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Golden Sun Indonesia, pt
trusted company in providing Laser Cutting machines and CNC Routers.
LC1390, LC 1325M, and LG6040 are our best seller.
Service and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've lost my laser machine driver, where I can download them?

A: now we provide downloadable copy of your laser engraving and cutting machine on our site.  Please open this link then fill your username and passcode.  If you have not received your username and passcode, please feel free to contact our customer support here.

Q: Where do you located?

A: Our main office is located in Jl Pemuda no 120 G Magelang, Jawa Tengah.  However we had representatives in Jakarta.

Q: Why buying online?

A: There are few advantages of buying online instead of buying on shops

  1. Saving time: with a few clicks, you the item will arrive on your door step!  You don't need to drive, walk and combats the tiring traffic jam!
  2. Environmentally friendly: Buying online will help in preserving the environment by polluting the air less.
  3. Saving money: our goods is well priced to ensure you got the best price compared to ordinary shops.  Buying online will free you from parking fees, fuel fees or other public transport fees.  Moreover buying online will save your precious time. 
  4. Safe: there are risks every time we go shopping outside.  Those including small accident, pickpocket or other threat.  By buying online you will be safe from this issues.
  5. Guaranteed: we offer cash back warranty to any goods bought within three days after receiving the goods.
  6. Best price warranty: we warrant that you got the best price for the good you have bought here within 30 days.  If you find the same product with lower price, we will return the change to you!

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment can be done by bank transfer to one of our account

  • Bank Mandiri account
  • Bank Central Asia account
  • For other method of payment using credit card and Paypal is still underdevelopment.

Q: What is your service area?

A: We can deliver our goods to every part of Indonesia and world.

Q: How do you send your items?

A: We have several delivery methods depending the item type and buyer's location. 

  • Spare parts: we will use TIKI or post's parcel service including to customer's request.
  • Machinery: we will arrange the shipment and installation of the machine at customer's position.

Q: How long does it take for me to receive the item?

A: Shipment depends on the shipping method and delivery, however in general:

  • TIKI requires 2 working days to arrive in your door step. 
  • Machinery however requires about 30 days for sea freight.  If required we could use air freight to send the machine.

Q: Can you send item overseas?

A: We could send items overseas.  However at this moment we are preparing our export permit and we will open our export service soon.

Q: Are there any warranty on the item purchased?

A: We have limited warranty on items bought which you can see on our warranty policy.

Q: Is the good insured?

A: Our policy is to insure goods that costs more than Rp 10.000.000,00, however we also provide insurance at customer's request.

Q: How do I trust you?

A: We have an official trading permit issued by by the government of Republic Indonesia with SIUP number 510.41/02/370/PM/II/2014.  Our company also officially registered and recognised by the government of Republic Indonesia with TDP number 111014600253. 

Moreover you can visit Sisminbakum, a website operated by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia.  You can see my that our company is listed on that website, which mean our legal are real.  I wish you can comfortably shopping with this will clarify you and help you in transaction with our company.

Q: What is SIUP?

A: SIUP stands for Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan, which literally means trading permit.  It is the legal permit required for a company to do trading and issued by the government of Republic Indonesia for trading company.  Although we are not in Jogjakarta, to give you some illustration, we gave you a link containing detail about SIUP from Jogjakarta Government SIUP website.

Q: What is TDP?

A: TDP stands for Tanda Daftar Perusahaan, which means Company Registration.  Owning this documents means the company is legally registered and recognised by the government of Republic  Indonesia.  Although we are not in Jogjakarta, to give you some illustration, we gave you a link containing detail about TDP from Jogjakarta Government TDP website.

Q: Who founded this company?

A: This company was founded by Sony Suryawijaya and families.

Q: Privacy Policy

A: We at pt Golden Sun Indonesia values your privacy, and the purpose of collecting your data is for contacting you with regards to your inquiry.  To prevent data snooping, we employ SHA algorithm with 2048 bit chiper strength, comparable to a bank's internet banking system.

Q: Will I receive spam or junk mail after I contacted you?

A: We understand that you hate spam and junk mails, so do we.  Therefore we have an anti spam and junk mail policy and that means we will never send spam to our customer. 

  1. We have an RSS Feed RSS Feed which you can subscribe to receive update on new products available.  RSS Feed is more convenient, safe, spam free, and virus free.  Moreover you can subscribe to our update without handing us your email address.  
  2. We have a Follow ptgoldensun on Twitter twitter account which you can follow to see what is happening with us.

Q: Will you give my contact data to a third party?

A: We will never give your contact to third party.  

Q: What is HTML 5 browser?

A: HTML 5 browser is a next generation of internet browsing software which HTML 5.  We strongly recommend the use of HTML 5 browser such as Apple Safari 5, Google Chrome 10, Internet Explorer 9, Mozila Firefox 4, atau Opera 11 to recieve the optimum browsing experience here on this website.

Q: What happened when we asked you to make our logo for sample?

A: By submitting your logo or any propietary image to be made sample, means you give us right to manufacture your logo to the extent of sample making in a limited fashion, moreover you will give us right to use your logo or any propietary image after it was manufactured by our machines in our promotional material including but not limited to youtube video, twitter and facebook uploads and printed media.  We will not use your logo in the product we sell!