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PT Golden Sun Indonesia
bergerak dibidang penjualan Mesin Laser Cutting dan CNC Router.
Perusahaan terpercaya yang menjual berbagai jenis Mesin Laser dan CNC Router. Untuk produk kami memiliki mesin terlaris yaitu LC1390, LC 1325M, dan LG6040.

Hasil potongan tidak rapi dan tidak lurus

Laser cutting machine should cut a straight line stright without any jagged edges.  However some problem might happen and causes cutting imperfection.  When that happens however, you can download the test pattern here and run it on your machine to see the result on a 6 x 6 cm flat material such as acrylic sheet.  The expected result is a perfect and neat cut, the same as image on the test pattern. 

If your machine produces perfect result on testing, it was very likely that the problem cames from unflat material.  However if the machine produces jagged line and imperfections like the one pictured below, there is definitely a problem with the machine.

bad and jagged cut

Possibilities 1: loose X axis belt

A result like this is means a problem with your laser cutting machine's movement system.  The first possibility is the belt of your laser movement system is loose and you will need to tighten the belts.  Usually X axis tends to loose earlier, while Y axis belts tends to be more stable for at least twice as long.

Do not over tighten the belt, as an overly firm belt will break easily.  The correct tension of belt can be determined by applying 3 kg of force and the belt should deflect no more than 5 mm.  Belt deflections of more than 5 mm will affect engraving performance of the machine.  However the cutting performance might not get affected.

To further test the belt tension, you can engrave 'WORDS' to see if you have your X axis belt tension corrected.  The engraved 'WORDS' should be perfect and sharp.

The procedure tooks 20 minutes to get the machine run at peak performance.

Possibilities 2: Wrong lubrication

Our experiment shows that, so far, the best oil to lubricate linear guide of laser cutting and engraving machine is fully synthetic PAO gear oil, viscosity SAE 85W-140 with anti corrosive additives such as Royal Purple Max-Gear.  Their resistance to shear and corrosion is very good, the oil in the other hand is also solvent that will dissolve fumes that might stick in the bearing.

We also recommended oil with same specification that is suitable for marine outboard engine application when the machine is used to engrave and cut synthetic leather as their smoke is highly corrosive to linear guide.

Sewing machine oil and low viscosity oil (eg: 0w-20, 5w-30) are no longer recommended.

Possibilities 3: Damaged linear guide

Altough unlikely to happen, the other possibilities lies on the linear guide that might be damaged and the machine requires changing the linear guide.  Our technician can help you with replacing the linear guide.