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PT Golden Sun Indonesia
bergerak dibidang penjualan Mesin Laser Cutting dan CNC Router.
Perusahaan terpercaya yang menjual berbagai jenis Mesin Laser dan CNC Router. Untuk produk kami memiliki mesin terlaris yaitu LC1390, LC 1325M, dan LG6040.

Pembuangan angin pada mesin laser lemah

Your laser cutting machine's air suction system is the support system of maintaining clean cut every time and will keep cut material stays on the surface of the cutting platform.  The vacuum system might not appear to be crucial to the life of your machine, as the vacuum system can be turned off for a brief moment without affecting the productivity of the machine.  However vacuum system was installed for a reason: to maintain the cleanliness of cut, to reduce the smoke produced and to stick the material to the surface of working platform.

There are three consequences of weak vacuum system

  1. Cut materials will not stick to the machine, and worse they fly when wind blows
  2. Smoke will arise from cut material and will reduce the cutting effectiveness of the laser system or even damage the laser optical system
  3. Smoke will stick to the movement system and destroys the linear guide and belts

Therefore a good cutting system is crucial for any laser cutting machine.  However sometimes they are not up to the task, indicated by smoke that accumulates over the work table.

There are several causes of weak vacuum suction table system, they uncovered area is too wide, dirt and weak or damaged blower. 

Uncovered area is too wide

This applies only to machine with honeycomb working platform.  Honeycomb working platform is designed as a platform for fabrics, leather, and many other materials that can be easily blown by wind.  That is the reason why we put vacuum suction system below it: to make the material sticks.

However when dealing with particularly larger laser cutting machines, such as LC1225, the negative pressure generated by vacuum blower can be significatly reduced when cutting small article and leaving much of the honeycomb uncovered.  One of the trick is by covering the machine with other materials to keep the negative pressure strong enough to keep the intended article sticks in place.


Dirt enters the vacuum system and you must clean it.  Depending on the material that you cut, there are two kind of dirt that might accumulate, sticky and non sticky dirts.  When you cut woods, acrylic, paper and other non oily materials, usually the dirt will accumulate on the air intake and not sticky.  However for other materials such as leather and systhetic leather, the dirt usually sticky and sticks inside the vacuum turbine and on the air intake.

Cleaning non sticking dirts

dirty vacuum

As mentioned before, that kind of dirt is dry and pretty easy to clean.  First you must turn off the vacuum blower and the laser cutting machine to avoid injury to your self and damages the vacuum blower.  Then you must detach the flexible hoose covering the intake of vacuum blower. 

Cleaning the is very easy, the required tools are a vacuum cleaner and a screw driver.  First use the vacuum cleaner to suck any dirts that is there, and then use the screw driver to scrape all the remaining dirts.  The vacuum blower should be clean in seconds. 

cleaning vacuum blower

After the air intake is clean, remember to clean the flexible hoose that connects the vacuum blower to the laser cutting machine just in case some dirts are still in the hoose and might get sucked into the blower and ultimately damages the turbine.

Then turn on the vacuum blower without attaching it to the machine to check that there is nothing wrong with the turbine.

Cleaning sticky dirts

Sticky dirts in the other hand is nasty.  Dealing with sticky dirts usually reduces the suction power overtime and the dirts sticks on the turbine blades and rendering them to heavier to rotate.  Therefore the turbine will slow over time and eventually stops from rotating.

Clean them by opening the turbine compartment.

We are collecting pictures of stick dirts and will publish them once they are available.

Weak or damaged blower

If your blower is damaged or weak under warranty, we will repair or replace them for free however if it was not covered by warranty, you can bring it to local motor workshop to have it repaired.  It should be easy to repair tough.