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PT Golden Sun Indonesia
bergerak dibidang penjualan Mesin Laser Cutting dan CNC Router.
Perusahaan terpercaya yang menjual berbagai jenis Mesin Laser dan CNC Router. Untuk produk kami memiliki mesin terlaris yaitu LC1390, LC 1325M, dan LG6040.

Tidak ada sinar laser keluar

There are several causes that prevent Laser tube Laser cutting machine should cut a straight line stright without any jagged edges.  However some problem might happen and causes cutting imperfection.  When that happens however, you can download the test pattern here and run it on your machine to see the result on a 6 x 6 cm flat material such as acrylic sheet.  The expected result is a perfect and neat cut, the same as image on the test pattern. 

If your machine produces perfect result on testing, it was very likely that the problem cames from unflat material.  However if the machine produces jagged line and imperfections like the one pictured below, there is definitely a problem with the machine.

Possibilities 1: no power is connected to the machine

Some people do forget to connect electricity to the machine.  Please check that your power is connected. 

Possibilities 2: machine is still open

Our laser cutting machine is equipped with safety device to prevent the laser from engaging when the machine is open.  Please close the machine and recycle the laser as possibilities 4. 

Please be warned that we do not install machine open sensor on wide area laser cutting machine, as the machine structure is open.

Possibilities 3: no water or water pressure is too low

Our laser cutting machine is equipped with safety device to prevent the laser from engaging when the the water cooling system is not operational or the water pressure is too low and insufficient to cool the laser tube.  Please check that there are no problem with the water cooling system and recycle the laser as possibilities 3.

Possibilities 4: the machine simply needs recycle

Due to improper shutdown or other events that trigger the machine's safety guards, you should recycle the laser system.  To do that, simply press 'Reset' button on the machine's front panel and then double click 'Laser' button on the software interface (located on the right hand side of your screen above Start button).  The caption on Laser button will change to Laser Off on the first click and then Laser On after the second click. 

Caution: Make sure that no one is on the path of laser, as laser can instantly damage organic tissue.  Please be especially careful on on wide laser cutting machine that has no machine opening safety sensor.

Possibilities 5: Disconnected laser power supply

There are two possibilities of disconnected or loose cable from the laser power supply.  The negative cable or the positive cable. 

Positive Cable

When the positive cable got disconnected or loose the machine will make sparking noise.  The noise is pretty loud and usually causes sparks.  Stop the machine operation immidiately by using the emergency stop button and do not touch the metal parts of machine body. 

Disconnect all electricity cable from the machine, and wait for at least 20 seconds for all the electricity to discharge.  Make it 5 minutes if you are not sure that all of the power has discharged as the positive pole is charged with 20.000 volts of electricity, enough to electrocaute people that wears protective glove and shoes and will render screwdriver's plastic handle a conductor since the voltage is strong enough puncture 3-4 mm glass. 

A special protective cover designed to prevent such a jump was added to the positive pole of laser tube.  Do not fix positive cable by yourself unless you are familiar with working on high voltage equipment.  It is better for you to ask your sales representative for a replacement cable and have it replaced by our technician.

Negative Cable

When the negative cable got disconnected or leaking the machine's laser head will move wildly and uncontrollablly.  Usually the negative cable got disconnected near the power supply that is accessible on the machine's back panel.  On this area the voltage is low and generally safe to reconnect by yourself.  But still, you will need to disconnect all electricity cable from the machine, and wait for at least 20 seconds for all the electricity to discharge. 

Make it 5 minutes if you are not sure that all of the power has discharged.  Then you can reconnect the negative pole cable and please ensure to recycle the machine.  The laser cutting machine should work now.

Possibilities 5: The laser path is not correct

When the laser tube is engaged like the picture below, but there are no laser coming out of the laser head. Sometimes laser is so badly out of path that it did not even hit the laser head.  This will cause lost of laser.  This test must be performed with protective glass and glove.  Be sure to have fire extinguisher ready at your disposal as this test will possibly make fire. 

Put material - preferably acrylic - a few centimetres from the laser tube aperture.  Then engage the laser for at most 1 second.  If the acrylic catches fire, it means there are no problem with laser tube and the problem lies on raypath.  However if there is no fire on the acrylic then it is a died laser tube.  Please refer to Possibilities 8.

laser tube engaged

Possibilities 6: Problem with laser firing circuitary

The following procedure must not be performed by people without prior knowledge on electricity.  Do not ever touch the electrical socket of the power supply as one of them contains 220 VAC, the same power from power grid.  They are L (the RED cable) and N (the BLUE cable) which is a part of 3 cable socket.  Every other cable might also electrocaute if touched when the machine is switch on.  Use extreme caution.

Usually laser machine suffering this problem will not give laser output when the laser button is pressed, water cooling system operational and the machine cover is closed and after the machine is recycled.  However all other function such as movement remains OK.   

To test this with laser cutting machine turned ON, water cooling system operational and machine cover closed, press test button on the laser power supply.  If the laser tube fires, then we can be sure that laser firing control got problem.  However if the power supply did not react (no difference in light indicator), it is possible that the power supply has died.

As power supply is warranted for 2 years, we will replace a new one for you.  Contact our sales representative to arrange your replacement. 

Possibilities 7: Died laser power supply

Died power supply will no react to the test button on the power supply and give no lit problem.  Do not attempt to open and repair the power supply on your own as the power supply's internal working voltage reaches 20.000 volts or more!

Damaged laser power supply also sometimes therefore causing electric sparks and loud sparking sound.  Below is picture of a shorting damaged power supply with case opened.

damaged power supply

Contact your sales representative for support.

Possibilities 8: Died laser tube

Our long life laser tube is designed to operate for 10.000 hours, however there are circumstances that shortens the life of laser tube such as overheating.  When your tube died in less than 6 months after purchase, we will replace you a new tube provided there are no sign of physical damage such as cracked lens aperture to the tube (picture below).

cracked tube aperture

The usual problem with laser tube

The laser tube engages, but there are no laser right on the output of the laser head aperture (Possibilities test 6).  This means there is a problem with the laser tube and usually will cause water leaks. 

There are water leaks inside the laser tube or laser tube is flooded by water (picture below).  This means the laser tube is broken.

leaking tube

When you experience such a problem and if your tube got no visible physical damage, you can make a video of your tube similar to the that can be downloaded here or watched on Youtube.  Then you can contact your sales representative for a replacement tube.