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Golden Sun Indonesia, pt
trusted company in providing Laser Cutting machines and CNC Routers.
LC1390, LC 1325M, and LG6040 are our best seller.
Service and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Laser Cutting Machine Video


Cutting 20mm acrylicOur low burnmark technology (left) proven to remove burning on recycled paper.Persistent memory system will save the last working state of the machine on blackout, and then the machine will resume working once the power is restored resulting in seamless working result.Highly detailed butterfly cutting Medium detailed non woven fabrics laser cutting employing LC6090.

LC1325 cutting 20mm acrylic

Cutting 20mm acrylic

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Customer Education

WMV (Windows Media Video) to download or watch from youtube.

Laser Cutting
Fabrics cutting by LC6090 - (download) (Youtube)
Glass Engraving by LC6090 - (download)

Metal Laser Cutting
Metal cutting by GWK1325 - (Youtube)

CNC Router
Aluminum engraving - (Download) (Youtube)

SJF 768
Comparison between rapier loom to shuttle loom - (Download) (Youtube)

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